Dental Implants


Simplant is an implant design software that is truly state-of-the-art. It's the most advanced technology available to give consistently predictable results. By having a 3-d CT scan, Dr. Massoud can rapidly and comprehensively evaluate the jaw to virtually plan the ideal location of each implant. In addition, vital structures such as the sinus and nerves are safely avoided.

Subsequently, a guide is computer fabricated that allows placement of the implant exactly where it was planned. This significantly speeds the surgical procedure, resulting in a faster, better healing and very precise implant placement.

Would a pilot fly a plane without instruments? Why would a doctor plan implant treatment without Simplant?


Microscopy has enabled us to see things with much greater detail, the finest structures are clearly visible. This leads to better fitting crowns and porcelain fillings, resulting in a much longer life span. To be able to see at 25 X magnification has given us a new look at our work. We utilize the microscope in most procedures in our office. We can even view it through a high resolution camera on a computer screen, enabling the entire team to view the procedure together.

Simply stated, better vision is the key to improving the quality of treatment.


We utilize the Hu-Friedy cassette system, which, while very expensive, we feel this is one luxury we cannot afford to do without. The safety and health of our patients is paramount and we spare no effort or cost to provide hospital level sterilization of our instruments. Also, our sterilizers are regularly monitored by an independent laboratory to verify efficacy.


It is very important for us that you clearly understand your dental conditions and treatment needs. One of the best communication tools is a camera that can show you, on the computer screen, exactly what is happening in your mouth. The smallest detail is clear to you so you can be well informed. To be able to see it is much more effective in order to understand it.


If pictures are worth a thousand words, how about a video? Finally, with Guru, the procedures you need are explained with a computer animated video that is easy to see and understand. Any special notes or considerations that are particular to you are annotated to your video. It can even be emailed to you for viewing at home. Instructions on brushing, flossing etc. are clearly demonstrated by video for you to review at any time. It is like having the dentist 24/7 to answer your questions.


Are you ready for a more confident and radiant smile? With Invisalign you can close gaps, straighten teeth and improve your smile without wires or brackets. It is virtually invisible, making it easy to transform your smile without interfering with your daily lifestyle. Dr. Massoud has been a certified Invisalign doctor for more than ten years.

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a quiet, anxiety-free treatment session? With our made in Germany electric driven drills, much quieter than air-driven drills, that high pitched noise is no longer there. Now you can begin to relax and enjoy (yes, enjoy) our nice music and your treatment visit.


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